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Most homeowners are surprised to find that there are many ways we can help with their situation. Without knowing all the options, oftentimes an owner will make a hasty decision or even worse, make no decision and let enough time go by that some potential options are no longer available to them. We have experience working through all these situations and more. When you call us for assistance we commit to the following:

  • Direct and Honest Guidance - We will take the time to understand your situation and then we will offer advice and options that are straightforward and truthful.  We strictly adhere to our core values of Competence, Integrity, and Quality in every interaction.  If we determine that there is not a way for us to work together that is mutually beneficial we will tell you so and suggest other alternatives with your best interests in mind.
  • All Cash Offers - We are able to make you an all cash offer for your property.  This allows us the flexibility to buy properties that are in need of significant repairs or have other problems, while avoiding many of the requirements and contingencies that stand in the way when utilizing traditional bank financing.
  • Fast Service - Because we are a local company we can respond to you and make decisions quickly.  There's no bureaucracy and no red tape.  We don't need to wait for lending institutions and their long, drawn-out processes.  In most cases we will take your call personally, promptly arrange to view your property (if necessary), and if we come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial we can have cash in your bank account in a matter of days.
  • Fair Offers - A common misconception is that investors want to make low-ball offers and take advantage of troubled homeowners.  While there may be unscrupulous individuals in any industry, this is not the norm.  In fact, when you take into consideration all of the costs of selling a home through traditional channels (such as repair costs, appraisal costs, inspection costs, staging costs, landscaping costs, closing costs, and real estate agent commissions), oftentimes the property owner is surprised to find out how reasonable and advantageous an all-cash offer turns out to be.  
  • Respect for Your Time - In addition to removing all of the above mentioned costs from the transaction, an all-cash offer from us will save you precious time.  Even if you aren't the one spending potentially hundreds of hours rehabbing your property, the process of selling a home in traditional channels is a huge time commitment.  From cleaning and staging to meeting contractors, appraisers, inspectors, landscapers, and agents, it can often seem like you are being pulled twelve directions at once.  If you add to that trying to deal with your mortgage provider it can quickly become overwhelming.  When you work with us we can take all of that off your plate.  We believe that time is the most valuable and limited resource that we all have to work with in life, and we respect and value both ours and yours.
  • Options - While your individual situation does influence the options that are available, we will work hard to provide you with multiple options whenever possible.  Depending on your circumstances you may be able to maintain ownership of your property or even turn your dilemma into an income stream for years to come.  We will work to present you with as many creative alternatives as possible for your consideration.

We Are A Real Estate redevelopment Company

Our company buys and sells houses and invests in communities in the Greater Sacramento region.  It is our goal to create long-term relationships with the folks we work with while redeveloping neighborhoods and improving the communities in which we work.  If we were to buy your house or sell you a house we would not be acting as your real estate agent or broker.  Very simply, we represent us and you represent you in any transaction.  If you have additional questions in regard to real estate agents, brokers, and/or investors you can contact the California Bureau of Real Estate at http://www.dre.ca.gov.